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                                                                MY RESEARCH :

I soon realized that putting attention where many other people put it did not lead me to great results, but above all it did not satisfy the
my curiosity and my needs.
This premise because in my humble opinion, many people who apply themselves to the study of music, often and certainly not out of malice, neglect
the aspect related to the type of instrumentation they decide to use. It will always be within the reach of anyone who has decided to buy an instrument
music, go into a shop and buy one, (certainly it will not be so easy to learn how to play it).
As if to say, many or almost all of them are satisfied with what the market offers them, with then a whole course of study already written, (how bad
does not do ).
As I said, after a normal and canonical course of guitar studies, I realized that my needs were different, so I began to study a technique that can only be learned through personal studies, since there are no schools or masters who teach it; the Tapping technique.
At the same time, I was thinking about the concept of musical self-sufficiency and I realized that this finds its home in two very different figures,
that of the One man band and that of the DJ.
Two figures opposite each other, one, where several instruments are played at the same time, we could define it as applied multi-instrumentalism, the other, where no instrument is played because already recorded on the disc, but despite this, the music never stops and changes without ever stopping thanks to the DJ.
Two opposite ways of arriving at the same result of musical self-sufficiency.
Another consideration, important to me, is that even if there was the same interest in lutherie as there is for cars or computers
and the same drive for research and innovation, who knows what wonderful out of the ordinary instruments, we would play today.
That said, what allowed me to give life to my musical research was the creation of a custom-built instrument, exactly like a bespoke suit made by the tailor ; a fourteen-string electric guitar made up of two seven-stringed necks that I play simultaneously thanks to the Tapping technique.
The peculiarities of this instrument are that it has the same harmonic range as a piano, (but takes up less space), it has two separate outputs for
to be able to assign different filters or effects and to be able to manage two different sounds at the same time.
To this is added a pedal board composed of five stompbox, also here, played simultaneously thanks to a wooden support from me conceived, which allows you to play two or three stompboxes with one foot and the third with the other.

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